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Scanning and Digitization

Professional Scanning Services by Paperless Trail.

Go paperless! is our scanning and digitization services brand. With our experience of scanning more than 100 million pages, we have designed these offerings to fit the different requirements of our customers. We have a proven track record of providing convenience, security and reliability to enable us to deliver business value to our customers.

Scanning and digitization is just a means to an end. We can help integrate with various systems and more importantly data mine the results of the digitization efforts.

Asset Tagger

Asset Tagger product Overview

Asset Tagger is a tool with integrated software used to tag and track the assets of companies and organizations.

The vast majority of companies and organizations will have some form of asset tagging system to keep track of and maintain their assets. The problem is, these systems are usually outdated and ineffective, meaning that equipment is still easily lost, misplaced or stolen, and therefore these systems don’t work. It is essential to have an asset tagging and tracking system which informs you if your assets are all accurately accounted for and exist.

Archive One


Archive One is a document management system designed to help document administrators classify, store & secure, search for and retrieve essential company records.

Key Features & Benefits

· Fast search & retrieval

· Protect intellectual property & corporate documents.

· Secure remote access to documents

Document Imaging

Preserve your critical business documents in the cloud.

Some documents are so important that they need to stand the test of time. No matter how efficient your filing system is, hard copies are vulnerable to wear and tear, force majeure, or may simply be misplaced.

Document Imaging puts an end to unforeseen circumstances that could leave you in a bind. By using high-speed scanners to capture as many as 15,000 pages in just a few hours, you can now enjoy peace of mind knowing that all your precious paperwork is now scanned, indexed and digitized for eternal safekeeping.


Business Mapper

See the big picture at a glance.

Business Mapper is built around the idea that the mind absorbs data and information quicker and more effectively when presented in visual form. Think bar graphs and pie charts. At a glance, they offer valuable insight in a fraction of the time it would take words and numbers alone to communicate.

Business Mapper does exactly that. When you request for virtually any kind of fact or figure on specific locations in any region, city, or barangay, Business Mapper then integrates this info for you in just seconds and displays it as visual representations on a digitized map of the targeted location.

Enterprise Vehicle Tracking

Get the lowdown every step of the way.

Managing people and tracking their progress is one thing when they are in front of you. But what happens when they aren’t? Once they are on the road and out of sight, you are left powerless in a situation that you cannot control. Or are you?

Enterprise Vehicle Tracking lets you track and monitor the location of your vehicles or personnel from the comfort of your office, or anywhere you choose. Through GPS technology and digital maps, you are empowered to observe their status and record their progress in real-time while they are on the move.

Digital Mapping

Map it out with the help of satellite.

Until quite recently, obtaining up to date maps of villages, towns and cities meant having to rely on your local council to provide you with copies which could take what seemed to be an eternity. Whether you need the maps for urban planning, or to pinpoint palengkes who depend on you for supplies, time is of the essence, and any delay in getting the maps you require could result in missed opportunities.

Digital Mapping ensures that you never have to wait for a map again. Through satellite imagery, you have a digitized copy of the exact location you need at your fingertips. (From streets and buildings down to points of interest and city boundaries).

Activity Factory

Seamless relay in action.

Businesses like to use a lot of jargon. Words like workflow and process get thrown around a lot, when both essentially mean the same thing—getting work done. Similarly, a business process management tool is not as complicated as it might sound. And that is simply a tool that helps you get work done.

Activity Factory is a business process management tool designed to manage the coordination of applications, approvals, proposals, renewals, reports, and so on with a group of individuals. Through its user-friendly interface, users simply gain access to the selected task, view its status, add their input, and pass it on for the next stage in the relay.

B2B Fusion

The future of data exchange, today.

Imagine a world where paperwork is a thing of the past and all documentation is done via computer, in a language of its own. A world where invoices, purchase orders and shipment notices are exchanged between organizations without passing through a single person. A world where this entire process is immune to human error.

Welcome to that world. B2B Fusion is a network-based data translation tool that determines what language computers are using to transmit documentation from one company to another, then interprets the info and converts it into one coherent invoice, purchase order or shipment notice—with no human intervention whatsoever.

BPO & Call Centre Services

Flexible and Tailor Made Outsourced Call Centre and BPO Solutions.

We offer a wide range of outsourced Call Centre and BPO Services from our Call Centre based in the Philippines.

We seek to provide the greatest flexibility possible to meet our customers specific requirements. We believe the level of flexibility we offer is second to none.

Our Agents, Senior Agents and Team Leaders/Managers are all highly trained and experienced, with excellent English language skills and telephone manner.

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